I have a Tungsten T3. How do I use the full screen?

Palm has provided a free update for some Tungsten T3 handhelds so that third-party software can use the full screen. If Sol Free or Solebon is not working in full screen on your T3, you can install this Palm update to get the full screen working properly. The update will make your T3 work with all third-party software that uses the Palm Dynamic Input Library (the library that makes full screen work).

Smallware has linked the Palm update below as a ZIP archive. You should back up your T3's data before performing the update. There are two PRC files inside the ZIP file. These must be installed on your T3 at the same time. If they are not installed at the same time, your T3 may lose its data. Please check the readme file Palm has supplied inside the ZIP archive.

Palm Tungsten T3 full screen update

If you have any questions about this update, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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