How do I download the software?

Click on the download link. If you purchased Solebon, the download link was provided by the order server when you completed your order and in your email receipt. If you are downloading Sol Free, the download link is on the Sol Free page of this site. If you are downloading a Solebon upgrade, the download link is on the upgrade page of this site.

You may get a dialog box asking what you want your web browser to do with the download. Use this box to save the download file onto your computer. Saving the file to your desktop makes it easy to find the file later to install the software.

Once the software is downloaded to your computer you cannot install it directly onto your handheld. The download file is compressed for easy transmission over the Internet and must be expanded before installing. Please click below if you need help installing the downloaded software:

How do I install the software onto my Palm handheld?

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