How do I install the software onto my Palm handheld?

Locate the downloaded file on your computer. The file will be where you instructed the web browser to save the file, which in many cases will be the desktop.

Double-click on the downloaded file's icon. This should open the file using Zip utility software on your desktop computer. Windows XP and Mac OS X have this built in. If this does not work, your desktop computer may not have Zip utility software installed on it. You can download StuffIt Expander™ for free if you need a Zip utility.

Tell the Zip utility where you would like to expand the Smallware files onto your computer. There are several files. The files ending in .PRC are the ones that go onto your handheld. The other files are the software license, instructions, etc. that can be read on your desktop computer.

Use the Palm Quick Install software to install the expanded software files onto your handheld. The Palm Quick Install software came with your handheld on the Palm CD. If you cannot locate the software, you can download it for free from Palm's web site.

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